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Bird App Recap: Are The Boys Back in Town?

The White Sox snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

Churros in the announcing booth.

Still reeling from yesterday, so let’s start out with some objectively good things, just in case the game gets off the rails again.

Alright. Here. We. Go.

One inning in, and enthusiasm is waning.

Blink and you missed two stellar innings from Reynaldo López. Maybe this kid can be a starter one day?

Speaking of kids with a future:

Photo presented without comment

A Steele Walker sighting!

I’m not an expert, but this seems un-good

Still not an expert, but I’m pretty sure this is meaningless.

Same, but for the White Sox.

Life comes at you fast. Happy birthday, Southpaw!

I don’t take sucker bets, no thanks.

He may not be able to lay off sliders, but we all love Luis Robert. #WildThrowOffense

I missed this version of Yasmani.

Close games late are why the invested so much money in the bullpen, LFG!

Graveman charged with the tying homer, but we fear more nefarious energy behind it.

As it was written, it has come to pass.

Never. A. Doubt.

Not even Tony can get in the way on a night that Mendick is hitting bombs.

Sox win. Put some respect on that man’s name.

Or not.