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Bird App Recap: Fi-re To-ny (clap clap clap-clap-clap)!

Yeah, because watching this flaming pile is WAY more fun than witnessing actual victories

When I take over the Bird App, you know we don’t have anyone else, plus something weird has happened.

Well, the White Sox happened.

A game like today, I don’t mind focusing only on the aftermath, rather than the disaster that saw the club snatch defeat from the bounty of a 5-0 lead, falling 11-9 in an extra-innings loss that managed not to be as close as the final score indicated.

Will Tony address the chants, or the sheer meltdown of his team? Doubtful anyone is going to goose it.

Stop the presses! He was asked!

We said on the postgame podcast after the 1-2 IBB debacle that the White Sox basically need to win, on average ... every series the rest of the season. They haven’t even been able to do that at home. Lemme guess ... it’s been too cold.

Otherwise, it’s just been a round of Bad Vibes today:

And what new, Yoán and Yasmani are hurt.

At least we can always count on mechanical turk for a laugh during dark times.