When A Manager Makes The Hardest Choice Of All

Sox Nation is angry and frustrated with the course of the ball club under the current Sox Manager.

Look, the Sox Manager already has a solid and secure reputation around the baseball World and we know his status with the Hall of Fame people. He has had a remarkable career and one with a length of years and success rate that will be hard to duplicate.

Quite honestly, one must wonder if his heart was really in coming back to manage the White Sox again. There’s reasons to doubt he ever wanted to.

But we know at whose urging it was that he did come back. One man. So he did it.

And as disappointed as Sox Nation is with the team record so far... we are smart enough to know that just a change in the manager isn’t going to fix many of the problems this team is having.

So what happens now?

No one wants to embarrass this man. No one wants to see him tarnish in any way his amazing baseball career. There is very little chance he would ever get "fired". There’s no reason to do this to this man at this stage.

But there is no dishonor in the White Sox Manager deciding to resign.

He fulfilled his duty. He came back at the urging of his dear friend and there is nothing left to prove.

The White Sox Manager can say that for the good of the team and the organization right now... and at time when much of the season is yet to be played... that he has chosen to step down from the Manager’s Seat.

That’s what a Hall of Fame Manager might do. Making the hard choice at a difficult time. And knowing that it’s the thing to do.

Striking your own name from the Lineup Card is the hardest choice of all.

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