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South Side Sox Podcast 106 — White Sox are back?

On the heels of a sweep — in Detroit — are the South Siders for real? Adrian Serrano, Dante Jones, Zach Hayes, Chrystal O’Keefe, Joe Resis and Brett Ballantini ponder that question

After a sweep, punctuated by a resounding 13-0 smackdown that applied first aid to Chicago’s woeful run differential if nothing else, this SSS mothership podcast crew of Brett Ballantini, Chrystal O’Keefe, Adrian Serrano, Joe Resis, Dante Jones and Zach Hayes peered into the future to find out whether this was a sign of good fortune ahead:

  • Round-table time: Are the White Sox real, or is a sweep in Motown a mirage?
  • Can the Power of Positive Thinking push this team to greatness?
  • Listen closely for Brett’s dis of Lance Lynn; as Adrian mentions, he does have the same number of White Sox playoff wins as Dallas Keuchel
  • It should help that the schedule is about to get a LOT easier. However, that ease of schedule isn’t quite here yet, there are still rough games to weather
  • The White Sox now project (per run diff) to a 71-91 season, the best projection in weeks!
  • What is going on with White Sox injury management (no, not the volume of injuries, but making sure there are 26 healthy players available each game)?
  • Let’s play the Ozzie Game: Is exit velo somehow a bad or empty achievement?

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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