2022 AL Playoff Picture

While Division records are interesting, they no longer hold the greatest sway over the fortunes of the White Sox as they work to make the postseason.

It’s time for a Playoff Standings look ahead.

If I’ve got this new system right... Six AL Teams will make the MLB playoffs.

Records as of this morning...

First 3 Teams In (3)...

East Leader: New York 46-16

Central Leader: Minnesota 37-28

West Leader: Houston 39-24

Top Playoff Contenders (6)...

Toronto 37-25

Tampa 35-27

Cleveland 31-27

Boston 34-30

White Sox 30-31

Texas 29-33

Needing a Miracle (6)...

LA Angels 29-35

Seattle 28-35

Baltimore 27-37

Detroit 24-38

Oakland 22-43

Kansas City 21-41

Bottom Line: 3 Top Teams are in. 6 Teams have little chance. That leaves 6 teams in the race for 3 spots. Toronto and Tampa look solid for two of those spots.

Leaves just one spot open if the Sox don’t win the division.

Sox have to prevail over... Cleveland, Boston, and Texas. (At the very least).

Texas isn’t a big threat at the moment.

In any case, the Sox have to continue to settle down and win games. But the path to getting to the post season seems to be at this point... win the Division or finish higher than Cleveland and Boston.

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