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Bird App Recap: New Year, Same Sinking Feeling

Bring back Detroit!


Reminder: we bang home runs, not trash cans.

Giolito giving up too many homers, sure, but the discourse around him may have jumped the shark.

Definition of a gamer:

Luck is also a type of skill.

Even gamers need a break sometimes ...

The White Sox are a bit of an expert on soft tissue injuries

Did some further research, and it turns out that all these injuries running to first are indeed a bad thing. Unfortunate news.

Name a more iconic duo than the White Sox and getting thrown out at the plate.

Not gonna lie, Field Level was a vibe.

This team has me expanding my mental health team:

Sometimes its the small victories

That’s a homer. That’s a homer. That’s a homer.

* Plays De Ja Vu by Olivia Rodrigo *

Maybe a quick check in on some other games will make me feel better? Nope.

Sometimes words don’t even do it justice, but I can feel this gif.

That Tigers series was fun, huh?

Fans are jumping ship, and it’s hard to blame them.