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Sharing Sox Podcast 73: Jim Gaffigan/Melissa McCarthy Edition

Are these superstars of comedy really White Sox fans?

It was a rare opportunity to find out the truth.

Sharing Sox west coast correspondent Will Allan spent 13 hours Wednesday in the same room with one of the greatest collections of comedians and comic actors ever assembled, shooting a scene for Jerry Seinfeld’s new Netflix movie Unfrosted, so he naturally took advantage of the situation to ask two of them the most critical question of the day — are they really White Sox fans?

2022 San Francisco International Film Festival Presents Sloan Science On Screen Award: Linoleum
He looks like a typical White Sox fan. He gets listed as a celebrity supporter of the team. But is he really one?
Miikka Skaffari/Getty Images

Grilled by SSS duty geezer and midwest correspondent — his father, Leigh — Will revealed the answers from Chicago-area natives Jim Gaffigan and Melissa McCarthy. Tune in to learn the real hot skinny. Some details will astound you. At least if you’re easily astoundable.

Melissa McCarthy At St. Louis Cardinals vs Los Angeles Dodgers
Did she shun her White Sox roots to wallow with that LA team? Or is something more complex at work?
Jill Weisleder/Los Angeles Dodgers via Getty Images

After that, talk turns to the more usual look back at the recent White Sox week, including Yoán Moncada’s huge day Wednesday (yes, before his latest injury, on Friday), and forward to the more challenging week to come, when the opposing teams both belong in the major leagues.

There’s some disagreement whether planned pitcher use for the week is intelligent management or necessity born of prior abuse. And what would a podcast be without some serious complaints about you-know-who, specifically the use of starting pitchers and the remarkable inefficiency of those starts when it comes to pitches per inning?

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