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Bird App Recap: White Sox 7, Astros 0

They’re reading our angry tweets in the clubhouse? They’re reading our angry tweets in the clubhouse!


Sam is being generous today by saying Astros by four, but here is how the White Sox will start today’s game:

Here is a little Yoán Moncada update for you.

Same, Celeste.

Johnny Cueto has had a fantastic start today, and has been a great pickup.

Seby Zavala gets a hit to start the third inning.

Super Joe is giving the stop sign a lot today.

The bases are loaded, but the White Sox always struggle with RISP. Let’s see how this goes.

Update: Luis Robert drives in two on a single!

José Abreu then knocks in two on a double!

The batters seem to be seeing the ball off of — and hitting! — Justin Verlander.

It’s currently 4-0 White Sox as we enter the fourth inning.

Even Josh Harrison is getting on base.

Adam Engel with a hit in the opposite direction puts two on with just one out ...

... and Andrew Vaughn knocks Josh Harrison in. Luis Robert brings Adam Engel and Vaughn home. Verlander is quickly yanked from the mound. The White Sox are up, 7-0.

Even our mutuals are noticing.

All excitement must come to an end at some point, though.

Cueto continues to work his magic on a fully-loaded Astros team.

Is this good? This sounds good.

Cueto stuns again in the seventh.

Vaughn has had three hits in five plate appearances, proving how valuable he is to a lineup.

With nine shutout innings, the White Sox end their losing streak at Minute Maid Park!

Reynaldo López kept Cueto’s exceptional game on lock as well, for the two innings he pitched.