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SSS on the Farm Podcast 30 — First half MVPs

Darren Black and Brett Ballantini pick the best of the first half minors, compare against the preseason picks, and look ahead to who should be having a hot (or cold) second half

With “first halves” of the minor league season over, Darren Black and Brett Ballantini spent No. 30, looking at the best player at each level, with some game-show wrinkles:

  • Hot call-up pick Yolbert Sánchez seems to not be a clear-cut MVP at Birmingham or Charlotte, so what gives?
  • In fact, for the Knights, Darren has a wild MVP pick
  • Birmingham’s MVP is sort of a given, considering Lenyn Sosa is still in Alabama. Did any of you foresee Davis Martin’s ascendance, though?
  • It’s Bryan Ramos vs. Oscar Colás in Winston-Salem — and hey, notice how there aren’t really any pitchers mentioned as MVPs?
  • Colson Montgomery is the one player who clearly came into the season as the Kannapolis MVP, and has played like it — but Darren points to a player who at the moment may be even more intriguing
  • Bonus round: Who’s the next Charlotte call-up not on the 40-man roster?

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