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Bird App Recap: Orioles 4, White Sox 0

Wait, that wasn’t supposed to happen.

It’s Pride Night at the ballpark. For an organization that does so many things wrong, we can be proud that they’ve got one thing right.

Estrogen Power Hour was in the house and representing well.

In addition, White Sox Twitter is celebrating a couple of births ...

... and a couple of deaths.

So, we’ve got a lot of Charlotte Knights (and even a Birmingham Baron) in the house.

Johnny Cueto continues to win the hearts of White Sox fans, and started the game off pretty well.

And, hey! The defense even showed up for a little bit!

(In spite of themselves.)

But the offense was nowhere to be found.

Even when the Sox tried to get something going, third base coach Joe McEwing made yet another bad send, ending their threat to score in the Soxiest way.

It was so bad, even Orioles’ social media team was dunking on the Sox.

The dichotomy was a bit too much for some of us.

It didn’t help that the Orioles outfield put on an absolute clinic.

We thought Lenyn Sosa could be our Thursday Night savior ...

... but when Sosa struck out in his first major league at-bat, our expectations plumetted.

Friends, we scored zero runs against the Baltimore Orioles. Zero. None.

This game wasn’t part of the plan.

And we’re tired.