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Gamethread: Orioles at White Sox (first pitch delayed by rain)

Is there any pitcher left the Sox can hit?

Baltimore Orioles v Chicago White Sox
Today is Lenyn Sosa’s first MLB start. We just have to hope he doesn’t hurt himself trying to get to first base.
Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

The Orioles have gone the extra mile to try to provide hittable pitching, but it sure hasn’t worked so far.

First, they’re rotation was such that their No. 1 starter is missing the entire four-game series. Then, after their No. 2 and a bunch of relievers tossed a shutout, their next starter got hurt, bringing on an emergency bullpen game started by a guy with an ERA of more than eight that resulted in a one-hitter.

Well, today, out of more desperation caused by injuries, Baltimore is giving even more of a try at helping out the White Sox, bringing in a pitcher from Norfolk who wasn’t doing well in Triple-A. That pitcher, Spenser Watkins, had an Oriole ERA of 6.00 before being sent down, which may not be good, but is a whole lot better than the 8.07 he sported last year.

Can the White Sox hit righty Watkins and a bullpen that has to be exhausted after the last couple of days? It would be nice. Losing the first two games at home against a last-place team — albeit last place in a killer division, which is probably equal to first in the AAAL Central — is pretty bad, but three in a row? Yikes.

On the mound for the White Sox is Lance Lynn, who sports a pretty awful 5.79 ERA himself, but has the excuse that he’s just beginning to get back into condition — well, pitching condition, since he’ll never be in a condition other than shaped like a beach ball — and could be back to his old self any time now. Today would be a good time.

Watkins tosses a low 90s four-seamer about 40% of the time, with an about-equal mix of cutters, sliders and curves and the occasional changeup after that. He’ll be facing a White Sox lineup that features Lenyn Sosa’s first start. Sosa even bats leadoff, and no, it doesn’t mean Leury García is out of the lineup — Leury is just shifted to short to give Tim Anderson the day off, again.

Lynn gets a break, with the Orioles giving red-hot catcher Adley Rutschman the day — or at least the start — off, along with their HR leader, Anthony Santander.

Maybe Lynn can at least hold the Orioles to fewer than yesterday’s five steals.

First pitch is set for 1:10 p.m., should Mother Nature permit. Fairly heavy rain is expected through 3 p.m., with the radar showing some yellow and orange stuff, so we may all get treated to those wonderful TV rain delay shows.