White Sox Have Given Up

I’m on record saying that the White Sox players – whomever They are and coming from wherever They come from and where ever They are placed in the batting order and out in the playing field — are professionals making huge amounts of money. They have an obligation to the organization... fans... and their own self respect to play well and with passion every time they take the field.

BUT... the White Sox players are also... human beings. Subject to the same thoughts and emotions and weaknesses of any other person on this Earth.

So what does this have to do with where the Sox are right now in the standings and their place in the baseball World? Just this...


Some of the them are trying... at least a little. Abreu is a true pro who appreciates how he got to the Major Leagues and he gives what he has in every ball game.

Vaughn is a fine young professional who walks the professional path set forth by Abreu.

Tim is a stud and the true star of this franchise.

And there are occasional flashes coming from some of the others.

But in general... the Sox have simply given up.

Who is the ‘Ace’ of this pitching staff? Who is the dependable Closer? Who knows how to field his position without looking foolish? Who can hit the damn baseball once-in-a-while instead of acting like windmills swinging around and hitting nothing like the whirling blades out on the Great Plains or around the Palm Springs Desert?

The Sox players see an indifferent Owner. They see a bumbling front office. And they see... a Hall of Fame Manager who was forced into the Manager Seat by that Indifferent Owner despite not being the man for the job in THIS Century. A Hall of Famer who belongs off in the Sunbelt in a back yard sipping on a lemonade while watching MLB TV all day and night and cursing at the screen that no one knows what the hell they are doing like he does. But he simply does not belong in the White Sox dugout.

And because he remains there... the Sox players have checked out. Given up. They see that the Owner doesn’t care. They see that those in the big offices around the park don’t seem to care. And so, the players have decided not to care.

Is that right? No. Is it understandable? Unfortunately, yes.

Sports is a business that thrives on energy and good leadership. Right now the Sox have neither of those things. They are adrift in the South Side waters (if we had any... Chicago River?) as a mediocre team in a mediocre division with mediocre (at best) leadership giving mediocre effort.

Who or what is going to get this team started again? Where is the ‘ON’ switch and who is going to flip it?

Somebody or something better find away to bring some energy and pride into these guys on the field and soon.

If not... this season could be a memorable one in Sox history. Memorable for how dysfunctional and ugly the rest of the season could be.

Sox fans... we all deserve better. We seem to have more energy around us than this ball club does.

We DON’T WANT to give up. But at some point... when do ask ourselves why do we care when no one else seems to?

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