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South Side Sox Podcast 107 — Selling a stale product, sourly

Chrystal O’Keefe, Jacki Krestel and Trooper Galactus join Brett Ballantini to tackle this water-treading club and its woeful sense of fan relations

Another week off of the calendar, another week of White Sox water-treading. The SSS mothership podcast crew of Brett Ballantini, Chrystal O’Keefe, Trooper Galactus and Jacki Krestel took on the team, and the curious public relations surrounding it.

  • In the never-ending temperature check of White Sox postseason prospects, how optimistically do we stand?
  • Tangible ways for the White Sox to launch themselves into first place: Chrystal thinks it’s coaching changes, Brett and Jacki lean pitching, while Trooper sees the offense waking up as our only hope.
  • Some numbers: At current pace, even if the White Sox played only losing teams, they land at 85-77 by season’s end. At current pace overall, it’s closer to 79-83. The schedule does get a little easier — especially the first chunk of August, but 39 of 91 games left are still against winning clubs.
  • And, revisiting: What is going on with the tone-deaf fan relations, particularly Steve Stone’s tough-guy disses of fans who doth protest?
  • A few final words about the world burning down.

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