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Bird App Recap: Angels 4, White Sox 3

Such an easy schedule, am I right?!


The White Sox are out in Anaheim to face the equally bad Angels. Jason Benetti wants to know the first person you think of.

The White Sox put up a pretty good lineup, so they’ll likely lose by 10.

Jeff Passan tweeted out the suspensions from the bench-clearing brawl the Angels were involved in. Old friend alert: Ryan Tepera made the list with a three-game suspension.

No manager? No problem!

Gordan Beckham’s fashion choices were questioned ahead of the game.

Noah Syndergaard is pitching a masterclass and the White Sox can’t keep up. When will they learn to take more pitches?

The White Sox continue to do what they’re best at — stupid plays.

Please don’t put a non-outfielder in the outfield.

It might not be a home run, it’s currently under review.

Everything is bad.

A lot of good things are being said tonight.

Steve Stone mentioned how Thor is currently throwing a perfect game and suggests that Tim Anderson will change that. He does!

Anderson steals second and hits a new milestone.

Immediately after I shared the tweet above, he stole third.

Ah, the White Sox way.

Tim is getting on base and playing smart defense. If only anyone else could do that.

Lucas Giolito finally comes alive in the fifth inning, striking Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani back to back.

TA walks, and Andrew Vaughn gets him home. The White Sox are finally on the board in the sixth inning.

José Abreu smokes the ball for a double and Andrew Vaughn gets home to tie it up.

Gavin Sheets starts off with a hit in the seventh, Seby Zavala bunts ... and it was good?

Josh Harrison singled to left field with no outs. But some interesting base-running comes into play, because OF COURSE. Seby is out at second base. Thankfully Gavin got home, and it’s 3-2 Sox.

On to the bottom of the seventh.

Tony La Russa pulls Gavin Sheets out of the game and puts in Leury García.

Luis Robert runs into a wall going after a ball, Seby can’t catch to save his life, and it’s 4-3, Angels.

Bad defense will kill this team.

Two outs in the top of the ninth. Who is up to bat?!

And just like that, it’s game over.