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Bird App Recap: White Sox 11, Angels 4

The entire South Side lineup wreaked havoc on the Los Angeles pitching staff. We’d like some more of this, please!

The White Sox take on the Angels in the second game of the series, and many are just hoping we won’t be sad while we are watching tonight.

West Coast friends were in the crowd, bringing the good vibes and holding down the fort for White Sox fans.

Tim Anderson smoked a leadoff single to start the game — and he’s starting to settle in nicely coming off of the IL.

Andrew Vaughn and Luis Robert closed the inning out with some pretty brutal at-bats. Seriously — what was Luis even swinging at?

Outside of a Shohei Ohtani double in the first, Johnny Cueto held his own for the first two innings. It seemed like his back started to bother him, and White Sox fans (myself included) naturally started to panic.

However, he did then come back out in the third — to give up three homers. At least we got to see Mike Trout and Ohtani back-to-back bombs?

This is a fair question:

Leury García singled to lead the way into a five-run fifth that included a Seby double and a Josh Harrison bomb. Thank you to Harrison for making this a brand-new ball game, 3-3.

Anderson kept the train rolling for his second hit, and despite his abysmal first at-bat, Robert followed up with a 448 feet blast to center.

Cueto shut L.A. down for two more innings, only giving up just one walk and hit through six.

And the White Sox offense had themselves another six-hit, five-run inning. WOW does it feel amazing, watching these guys actually produce and have fun.

Moncada haters are definitely mad. Welcome back, Yoán!

Seby singled as well to add into the fun, recording his second hit and RBI. He seemingly has had trouble staying near second base once, nearly being thrown out for the second night in a row.

Harrison decided he wasn’t finished yet and singled to score Moncada, making him 2-for-4 with three RBIs on the evening.

Even Trout seems to have had enough tonight.

Ohtani is just teeing off on the White Sox tonight, nearly taking Joe Kelly deep and cutting the lead to 10-4.

Let’s not forget that Summer Abreu is ELITE. Moncada would score him on a ground out to second to increase the White Sox lead to 11-4.

Matt Foster looked phenomenal in the eighth, and many (probably just Sam) are now advocating for this:

José Ruiz closes out the ninth, and the White Sox take the second game and split the first two in Anaheim.

The Angels really thought they were onto something in the third. (If we are being honest, I definitely agreed with them at the time ... you know how hard it is for the White Sox to score more than three runs.)

Sox win! Let’s get a series W!