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Bird App Recap: Oh, another three runs. Nice

True fact: Some teams actually hate having the bases loaded

You know what? I am not even sure this matters.

At least the Sox are facing a lefty tonight ...

Pitching Ninja about to become a Tampa Shane McClana-stan account.

Odds are against him, but I can’t say it’s impossible against this Sox offense.

Alright, I’ll bite. This seems like it could be more fun than watching the score tonight,

The White Sox giving up free bases and runs? Well, I never!

Just need a few guys to get healthy and this team is going to be a rocket ship!

We’re all hurt, buddy.

Checking on my bingo card

The Sox have been walking a lot more than just Rays batters recently.

Wondering how the Dash offense would look in place of the big league team?

Wait, did Gordon Beckham just tell us to #EnjoyTheRide?

After four, we already got a chance at our first BINGO.

Trying to get a Twitter fight started to motivate the team (somehow).

It worked!

Fans in the ballpark confirm that things are indeed, going great.

Might be another night waiting on a little #WildPitchOffense.

Man, scoring more than three runs looks SO FUN!

The man has the patience of a saint.

Ah, truly simpler times.—

Good Vibes is NOT. HAVING. IT.

With this new level of insanity, Sox Twitter reaches a new spiritual low on the year.

Wait, when did the party start?!

For all you non-Twitter users, just so you know that likes aren’t everything

I leave you with the ACTUAL best tweet of the night