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Bird App Recap: At least José racked up those singles

Another day of wet spaghetti bats

Sox = Skull Emoji

Even for the 2022 White Sox, this is must-watch television

Sox fans doing all they can, from coast to coast.

Nicky No-Glove, amirite?

Describe the White Sox offense in one word:

How about Kopech’s first inning?

Turns out we aren’t really so different, after all.

Trust him more than Rick, at this point.

In other news:

The game is boring, but the booth is getting saucy.

Reminder: We all choose where to use our energy.

No regrets.

If nothing else, the Sox offense is consistent in some ways.

But, how are you with the bases loaded?

These West Coast games taking it out on everyone.

Many people have been saying this.

Who wants to read 100 books, anyway?

Whenever Andrew Vaughn’s not on screen, all the other characters should be asking, “Where’s Andrew?”

Meanwhile, RIP Jake Burger, we hardly knew ye.

Forget about whether or not the Sox will win tonight, let’s start asking REAL questions:

#wildpitchoffense to the rescue

Heart stopper:

And we have runners in scoring position!

Any of ya’ll remember 2021?

Heard you guys were asking for a pinch-hitter:

Pretty sure most of the team already left this morning.

Make sure it’s something that doesn’t involve the White Sox!