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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e14: Anaheimlich Maneuver

If the White Sox were literally choking, would Jerry Reinsdorf care?

Sharing Sox west coast correspondent Will Allan trekked from North Hollywood to Anaheim Wednesday night, only to find out the White Sox didn’t bother to show up for the game. Well, figuratively, anyway.

Asked by dad Leigh whether the Sox look as listless in person as on TV, Will confirmed that if anything they look worse, from pregame warmups to the end of the loss. The two agreed that while the Sox were visiting the Angels, Disneyland wasn’t the only Mickey Mouse operation in the neighborhood.

Naturally, they also agreed that the reason for such lifelessness is the HOFBP, both because of bad, bad decisions and overall pathetic leadership. They then disagreed over how many losses in a row they would happily suffer if it meant the HOFBP would be fired. Leigh opened the bidding at 10, Will quickly went to 12. The subject changed before the bidding really got ugly.

The new subject was the asinine instruction to more than half the team not to bother hustling to first base. More agreement — both would rather see the entire lineup in Birmingham brought up play hard, and no doubt lose anyway, than the slothful product the White Sox put on the field now.

Discussion then turned to he upcoming series in San Francisco, where the Sox lucked out and won’t have to face Carlos Rodón, and where two of the very worst defensive teams in the majors will compete for the ineptness trophy.

Too negative? Well, on the positive side, a tip of the hat went to the sportsmanship of Andrew Vaughn for literally tipping his hat to Cedric Mullins of the Orioles after Mullins made an incredible catch to rob Vaughn of extra bases.

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