The Question We Dare Now Ask

There is a question that Sox Nation now has to ask.

No, not will the Sox win the Division.

No, not will the Sox make the Playoffs.

No, not will the Sox win the World Series.

No, not will the Hall of Fame Manager be eased out of the dugout.

No, not will Jason stop saying ‘Number’ so many, many times during a Sox broadcast when he doesn’t have to (as he has for years)...

No, the question we must ask now is...


For the last couple years, that question would have been ridiculous.

But as this Year of Shame goes deeper into the Season... the Sox are falling further below .500.

And since the Sox cannot seem to play baseball without severely injuring themselves and being out of the lineup for months at a time...

Who is going to come along to rescue this Team? Who will stay healthy enough to be on the field?

Despite some strong opinions being shared on this website... Sox Nation has been surprisingly patient and understanding with this Team up until now.

How long will that last? When does surrender finally set in? When does disappointment fully rule the day?

When has a team with so much talent been so disappointing in the great history of baseball?

Yes. Questions we now must dare to ask.

With answers that are Blowing In The Winds that raise the dust and exhaust along 35th Street and the Ryan.

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