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Sharing Sox Podcast 71: Weeping and Wailing Edition

Plus, where does the HOFBP get off speaking for military veterans?

It’s no secret the White Sox are playing very badly, but SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and west coast correspondent, Will, make the big mistake this week of looking at the actual numbers for hitting, fielding, and pitching. Surprise! Those numbers do not improve one’s opinion.

Even when there appears to be hope, the hope gets diminished:

  • Batting average .235, 19th in MLB. Not good by any means, but not terrible.
  • That is, not terrible until being 30th in walks bring the OBP down to 28th at .291 and the OPS to .650, ahead of only the Tigers and A’s. Etc.
  • No wonder runs per game come in 27th.
  • Fielding? Don’t ask, though being dead-worst in errors is no longer the case, so that’s a bright spot. At least it’s a bright spot until you look at runs saved or range actors.
  • But the pitching has been good, right? Well, if you consider 25th in runs allowed good.

And so it goes.

The White Sox do have the best record in baseball at being caught stealing, which has only happened twice. So there is that.

All is not moaning and groaning, though. There’s also anger, as Leigh takes off on the HOFBP for acting like he speaks for military veterans in his comments on Gabe Kapler’s decision on the National Anthem, when in fact said HOFBP never served in the military even though he was of age during the Vietnam Era. It wasn’t a surprising move by the arrogant jerk, but it was damned offensive.

Oh, yes, Will raises the question of why White Sox starting pitchers take more pitches to get through an inning than others do. Unfortunately, we have no answers.

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