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Know Your Enemy: White Sox

I can’t for the life of me muster the energy to talk smack about our “enemy” when I actually want to root for them instead.

Chicago White Sox v Toronto Blue Jays Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

The thing about Tampa Bay is that they’re a pretty interesting bunch. The point of Know Your Enemy is to trash preview the opposition, but it’s difficult to muster much anger for another team when we’re so TERRIBLE.

Terrible, and delusional.

With all due respect Steve, go sit on a pine cone.

At least Hawk Harrelson was honest with us. He wasn’t a company man; he called it when the team stunk. He was audibly frustrated on the broadcast. And he had the cajones to fire Tony La Russa for being a terrible manager all the way back in 1986, well before La Russa was the reanimated corpse he is now.

The entire coaching staff, sans Ethan Katz, can go look for new jobs at the All-Star break. The offense is bad, and the defense is bad. The pitching got a lot better with the DFA of Dallas Keuchel. The front office needs to get fired into the sun.

Ten years we have sat and watched the most sub-par of sub-par products. TEN. YEARS. Continued optimism of a rebuild, trust the prospects, there will be a parade ... and for what? Two postseason appearances, that resulted in two wins.

La Russa was sold to the fans as a bill of goods. He has Hall of Fame credentials, he can take this young team and turn it around. And yet here we are ... again.

Joe Girardi just got fired from the Phillies. Call him instead.

The reason it has sometimes appeared that the White Sox had no fans is because White Sox fans aren’t going to be paying for a terrible product. White Sox fans are working class — they’re not about to shell out hard-earned money to watch AJ Pollock strike out again, Danny Mendick kill a rally, or Leury García ground into a double play. I’m tired of the failing with runners in scoring position, or the defensive mistakes on the simplest of plays. It’s exhausting watching your supposedly good team be this bad.

Homer Simpson said it better than the rest of us ever can:

I know this team could be better — the great talent is there, mixed in with the bad talent. We’ve witnessed so many other teams turn it around after being god-awful. Look at the Braves, Rays, Dodgers, and Giants. Three out of four have made it to the World Series in the last five years after bankruptcy, rebuilds, and everything else in-between.

At some point, you look around and see that after 10 years of promises nothing has changed. I’m still praying that the White Sox can pull out a win against another middling team, just like I was in 2015.

The difference is now that the Mets are a fun team to watch, I can finally change the channel.