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Bird App Recap: White Sox 3, Rays 2

A win???


Coming fresh off an embarrassing sweep in Toronto and a loss last night to the Rays, let's see if Tony La Russa has learned his lesson with the lineup today.


It feels so great to be a White Sox fan.

How are the White Sox doing so far? It’s still 0-0 at least.

We’ve reached the bottom of the second with two outs. Guess what happens next?

Dylan Cease somehow escaped the bases loaded jam unscathed.

Yasmani Grandal once again gets himself out thanks to his turtle like speed, but an important question was asked.

Danny Mendick gets on base. Followed by Reese McGuire.

Obviously, the White Sox were unable to capitalize with two runners on.

Still scoreless but hey —

~Internal screaming~

The Rays score two runs and Twitter suddenly went dark.

Aaron Bummer entered for Cease, but didn’t last long.

But once again, the lack of hits doesn’t give anyone any optimism.

A couple of bloops put the White Sox back in the game. Finally, life! Mendick singles and gets Adam Engel across home plate.

Jake Burger pinch-hit for McGuire and a wild Burger bomb happened. The pups love him.

Good guys are up, 3-2.

Kendall Graveman came in for the eighth and uh ... was not great. La Russa’s 3-D chess is really at work here.

The vibes are good, though. Graveman escaped a jam thanks to a great throw to first from Danny Mendick, and had it not worked out, it would be a tie ballgame.

It’s time for Liam Hendriks.

OK, maybe not the best vibes. But way more positive than last night.

Hendriks hasn’t pitched in quite some time, so he’s not messing around.

But that’s a White Sox winner, friends!