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Today in White Sox History: June 5

A stellar streak snapped, and a unique twin bill win

John Whitehead Warms Up
Rookie sensation John Whitehead saw his eight-game winning streak snapped on this day, 87 years ago.
Transcendental Graphics/Getty Images


White Sox rookie pitcher John Whitehead sees his eight-game winning streak to start his MLB career snapped, losing to the St. Louis Browns, 2-0. Whitehead would finish 13-13 in his rookie campaign, with 18 complete games and 4.9 WAR, finishing 19th in AL MVP voting.

“Silent John” amassed in impressive 11.6 WAR in 127 games over four-plus seasons on the South Side. Ironically enough, he was dealt to the Browns during the 1939 season.


White Sox pitchers Russ Kemmerer and Frank Baumann both fired shutouts in beating the Kansas City Athletics in a doubleheader. The Sox won both games by the same score: 2-0. The A’s combined for only 10 hits on the Sunday afternoon.


Eddie Stanky did it again. The White Sox manager let loose a verbal assault on Red Sox All-Star Carl Yastrzemski. Before a three-game set in Comiskey Park, Stanky was quoted as saying, “He may be an All-Star from the neck down, but in my book he’s a moody ballplayer ... and I don’t like moody ballplayers.”

Red Sox fans were incensed, and let Stanky and the Sox have an earful, as well as throwing tomatoes at him whenever he went to the mound when the Sox went to Boston the following week.