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Bird App Recap: White Sox 4, Dodgers 0

Finally, I can write a happy article! South Siders rally in the AJ Pollock Revenge Game

Our South Siders are back at home taking on the Dodgers, and it sure was a beautiful night for baseball!

Before the game, Steve Stone threw out the first pitch celebrating his 40th year in broadcasting. Don’t worry folks, he’s still got it!

Michael Kopech was on the mound, and he got off to a fantastic start, even striking out Mookie Betts to start the game (twice, if we’re being honest ... thanks to the umps).

The offense wasn’t doing much (typical), but Kopech was dealing the first couple innings, racking up some key strikeouts against Justin Turner and Cody Bellinger.

Can we PLEASE score Kopech some runs?!

Seriously, he was lights-out. I’m still mesmerized from that marvelous performance.

The White Sox continued to fail with bases loaded in the fifth, ending a rally with strikeouts from both Reese McGuire and Josh Harrison. Pretty painful.

David Price came in to pitch in the bottom of the sixth, and the Good Guys went on a rally that began with an AJ Pollock double to score the first runs of the game!

And how about Jake Burger?! Or a Reese McGuire do-over? I’ll allow it.

Just like that the White Sox were winning, and fans didn’t know what to do with themselves (myself included).

The relief pitching was just as beautiful. Bummer threw some truly nasty stuff and Graveman got himself into a bit of a jam, but worked his way right out of it.

The South Side Slydah was ready to shut Los Angeles down, securing a game one win!

How about one more time for Michael Kopech!? Let’s go Sox!