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Bird App Recap: Dodgers 4, White Sox 1

If only it could be Burgertime all the time.


The White Sox have won three in a row. Can they do it again tonight? Let’s check out what the lineup looks like.


There are a few friends there tonight.

Unfortunately, the game started off bad, and in two innings, it was already 3-0 Dodgers.

Yasmani Grandal is catching tonight, so we get the joy of watching him hit, too.

Jake Burger tried to start a two-out rally in the bottom of the second, but Gavin Sheets couldn’t help him.

At least Sheets sort of redeemed himself.

About that leadoff hitter ...

Luis Robert, known for his speed, stole second.

But, the White Sox once again couldn’t do anything.

This loser showed up with a lame homemade jersey.

Jake Burger cuts into the Dodgers lead, proving he is made for the big leagues.

Followed by a Gavin Sheets double!

The ump perhaps missed his recent appointment with the eye doctor, as he’s missed two ball four calls so far. AJ Pollock finally got to take a walk on ball seven.

Despite runners in scoring position, Tony La Russa’s 3D chess didn’t play out how he hoped it would.

Folks, it’s getting ugly.

Gavin ... WHY.

It’s the bottom of the sixth, so let’s see what the Sox can do. Oh, nothing. Cool.

Thankfully, Johnny Cueto improved.

White Sox pitching was great tonight. Cueto to Sousa followed by Foster.

If only the White Sox offense would do anything at all.

Deep sigh.

The vibes at the ballpark are unhinged.

One player was certainly missing tonight, as we watched the likes of Moncada, García, Mendick and others strike out.

Despite Grandal’s late-inning hit, the White Sox couldn’t start a rally and L.A. tied up the series, 1-1.

Can’t wait to hear what Tony says tonight.

OK, then. Let’s try to take the series, somehow, tomorrow.