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Bird App Recap: Dodgers 11, White Sox 9

Perhaps this will be more enjoyable than the actual game.


Today’s rubber match lineup might actually be halfway decent for the White Sox, facing a lefty Dodgers pitcher.

It also happens to be Joe Kelly’s birthday.

There are gorgeous ballpark views today. Can this weather be any better? I think not.

Danny Mendick continues to be an asset.

And the White Sox continue to strand runners.

Dylan Cease quite possibly had the worst call I’ve seen in recent years.

Gavin Lux got caught stealing and Yasmani Grandal flashed a cannon!

Right after, Steve Stone started discussing TikTok. What does his For You Page look like? Wrong answers only.

We saw Grandal do something good, and then Josh Harrison decided to get a triple.

Now it’s 1-0, Good Guys.

But, the umpiring.

AJ Pollock is back for a little more revenge. It’s now 2-0 Sox with his hit.

(The tweeter was Dodgers fan and Trevor Bauer nemesis Molly Knight.)

Adam Engel was hit by a pitch and Harrison came through with the sacrifice fly to make it 4-0. The White Sox are hitting off lefties and righties, given Tyler Anderson was yanked in the fourth.


Cease started to struggle in the sixth, and Jake Burger’s error loaded the bases with only one out.

One thing is for sure, Dylan Cease can handle Mookie Betts.

Tony La Russa could be asleep. It’s 5-4 L.A. and Cease is still out there, facing Will Smith.

I’ve seen managers fired for less.


That was a very bad inning.

It really was a good game until the fifth, I promise.

Jake Burger atones for his errors, and puts the Sox within one run.

Honestly, why is TLR here?

Are we still enjoying the ride?

A lot of folks seem to miss Ricky Renteria right now.

We’ve reached the bottom of the seventh, and it’s 10-5.

This recap is just going to be dark from this post and on.

Somehow, the Sox get a couple of runs deep in the eighth.

It’s still bad, even after the sorry excuse for a comeback.

This game is drunk. It’s now 11-9, Dodgers.

Gavin has a chance to be a hero.

(He wasn’t a hero.)