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South Side Sox Podcast s22e31 — Searching for the hops to jump two teams

Adrian Serrano, Joe Resis, Dante Jones and Trooper Galactus join Brett Ballantini, and we all try to choose our own adventure landing the White Sox atop the AL Central

In our continuing effort to provide hope and happiness to you, the South Side Sox reader and listener, the SSS mothership podcast crew of Brett Ballantini, Joe Resis, Trooper Galactus, Dante Jones and Adrian Serrano spent this episode figuring out how (if) the White Sox can make up their first-half deficit behind not one, but two formidable AL Central clubs.

Let’s get to the highlights:

  • Looking up and down the roster, where can we realistically expect — or at least hope for — measured improvement in the second half?
  • How does Cleveland’s emergence as a legit contender — currently just a game behind Minnesota for first place — complicate Chicago’s climb to the playoffs?
  • A twist on the current poll on site, asking readers to choose who to fire among Tony, Rick and Jerry: Eliminate one, but the other two then MUST stay with the club for at least a year. The results may surprise
  • The weekend series with the Giants is previewed, as such, by wondering whether Rick Hahn’s decision not to extend a qualifying offer to Carlos Rodón this offseason is the worst he’s made as GM

Listen below, on our built-in Megaphone player:

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