2022 Sox Are Good Soap Opera

Why do so many people like soap operas? The drama. The love. The anger. The personalities. The unexpected happening. Hoping the ‘Nice Guy’ finally has something good happen to them while The Scoundrel somewhere along the line finally gets ‘Their’s’ hard and good.

That’s what the 2022 Version of the Chicago White Sox are. A good soap opera.

We love these guys. Then we hate them. Then we love them again.

Thing is, we just can’t keep our eyes off of Them. We can’t wait to see what happens to these collection of guys next. Who suffers the unforeseen problem? Who becomes a heroic figure? Who makes the next dumb mistake? Who gets to bat lead-off next?

Despite the frustrating injuries and poor home record... the Sox are filling the park. Like I said... we are flat-out fascinated by these guys.

And they ARE interesting personalities. All of them. All the way from the Flashy Bright Star on the left side of the diamond to the older guy snoozing in the dugout... we’ve got all kinds of guys and story lines going on here.

And just like any good soap opera, several endings are yet on the table. Will this team continue to underachieve and blow a year that began with so much promise?

Will this team keep it exciting until the last day to see if They can yet make the Playoffs?

Or... will this Team just sort of lay in the weeds but somehow sneak in and then kick major tail in the Playoffs and then amazingly hold another big parade from La Salle Street down to 35th?

What will happen next? That’s what has Sox Nation hooked.

We’ve always loved this team. Even when we hate them.

And that makes for one hell-of-a good South Side Soap Opera.

Keep that organ music playing...

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