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Bird App Recap: White Sox split DH with the Guardians

A loss full of questionable decision and poor offense, accompanied by a nightcap Dylan Cease gem


Morale wasn’t great coming out of Monday’s loss vs. the Guardians and with a nightcap on the horizon, Davis Martin was pulled up as the 27th man to start the opener for the White Sox. Here’s the lineup Tony trotted out today:

Outside of one-hit from Vaughn in the first, the White Sox offense was dead (shocker). The Guardians' offense seemed to pick up where they left off from Monday and jumped to a quick 3-0 lead in the third.

Tony decided to continue being bad at his job, letting José Ramírez beat him with first base open, for what feels like the thousandth time — on an RBI single to push the Cleveland lead to four.

Doesn’t seem like we are enjoying the ride anymore.

Let’s be real, the star of today’s opener (and the only positive) was Beefloaf’s Sox Math video.

Others are asking more important questions.

Tony decided to troll everyone in the fourth by finally walking Jose Ramirez, but waiting until Davis Martin was ahead 0-1 in the count to do so. Seriously man, what are you doing?

But of course ...

At least everyone else was as confused as we were.

The score was only 4-1, but since the offense is incapable of scoring runs, a three-run deficit is insurmountable for the 2022 Chicago White Sox. ONE hit through six?!

At least we have some Menechino Magic.

Davis Martin and the pitching staff were not the problems today, they actually did what they could to keep them in the game.

Sox take yet another L in game one. This team is a nightmare, sadly. At least it was over in two hours.

“Can’t wait to watch the next one!” I say, through tears.

Well, after another ugly loss, the NBCSC crew has finally had it with Tony’s awful decision-making and poor execution on the field.

But we all know that no matter what anyone says about Tony, he is here to stay. Dylan Cease will lead the way for the South Siders tonight.

The White Sox bats snap alive with a Pito bomb to put them up 2-0 early! Miracle!

Josh Harrison stays hot and blasts a shot to left field. Hey, maybe this guy should play more often?

Our All-Star-snubbed Ace, Dylan Cease, was pitching great throughout his start, as usual. Since you know, he should be an All-Star.

Cease left the sixth with the bases loaded after a pair of walks, but Reynaldo Lopez came in and got the job done once again.

La Russa actually sent him back out for the seventh, and he worked his way out of the inning after a Steven Kwan single, bringing his ERA down to 2.90 ERA.

Luis Robert with a foul-pole home run in the ninth to bring them up 7-0.

Matt Foster closed out the game beautifully to seal the shutout win.

Sox finally won a game. And here is your nightly reminder that your new strikeout leader Dylan Cease should be an All-Star.

Going for the series split tomorrow because that’s as good as it gets around here nowadays!