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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e16: A Nightengale Sang

What will the next mysterious intentional walk be?

SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and currently next room correspondent, Will, anxiously await the next fascinating intentional walk call by the HOFBP, with Leigh pointing out it takes a while sometimes for old folks such as the HOFBP and himself to remember a name, such as the name of who is at-bat. Or what team you’re playing.

Meanwhile, they dig into the value of the strategy of always losing the first two games of a series, then winning what’s left. Is it effective? Is it disarming opponents? Will it catch on, with all teams trying to lose the start of a series?

As for players, they agree Eloy’s return is unlikely to prove much benefit, if any, given he’s 3-for-26 since the dramatic home run return game. They see Seby sinking back to reality, but José continuing to be outstanding and a solid extension candidate, and Lucas Giolito and Johnny Cueto showing the rest of the staff that it really is possible to have a start where you don’t average 20 pitches an inning (you paying attention, Dylan?).

But, of course, the cast couldn’t end without a discussion — OK, rant — about the Bob Nightengale column on dysfunction and cliques in the White Sox clubhouse, which certainly appeared to be planted by the controlling owner to try to deflect the blame for the team’s total flatness away from his pet HOFBP.

The old adage is that when a team is woeful you can’t fire the players, so you fire the manager. But what happens when you can’t fire the manager? (Hint: You’re sunk.)

Which, also of course, led to a call for a ticket-buying boycott until said HOFBP is fired. Which, very, very, sadly, won’t happen.

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