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Gamethread: White Sox at Twins

Hey hey, look, it’s the division leaders! No not the supposed ones. The real ones!

Minnesota Twins v Chicago White Sox
It’s true, the White Sox have won 1-of-6 games against the Twins so far this season.
Quinn Harris/Getty Images
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We’ve had some late coverage changes today and now I’m having to write WAY more about the Minnesota Twins than any human should be forced to.

Anyway, excuse a little cut-and-paste, because seriously, it’s going to be too much to ask you to read my dynamite Know Your Enemy just published?

OK, so here’s the Thursday pitching blurb. (Aren’t you lucky all the other recappers do such a bang-up job, with pitch mix, trends, etc?)

Thursday is a dandy battle, with Johnny Cueto taking on Sonny Gray. Cueto has been a White Sox godsend. Imagine how much sharper the pitchforks would be if this lark of an end-of-spring pickup didn’t bail Rick Hahn out a bit for punting the offseason? Cueto and Gray have basically identical ERAs (~3.00) and game scores (high 50s), so this ought to be a great game.

Here’s your lineups.

Hey look betting info in the lineup tweet everything’s fine nothing to see here

Want to know why Minnesota has at 75-80% chance for the playoffs and we are stuck in a room full of farts in the first half? OK, it’s not only a video like this, contrasted with the death march TA ASG announcement the White Sox actually tweeted out days ago. But it’s not NOT the contrast in collegiality and spirit you see between the two clubs:

You’re probably already watching the game or listening, so enjoy!