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Bird App Recap: .500 never felt so good

Alright then. keep your secrets.
Adrian Serrano Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. Unfortunate Memeing @SoxTwitt3r, unfortunate Rocking at:

Reminder with the draft upcoming, minor league players should have a union and be paid living wages.

But there will always be these guys getting in the way ...

Some minor league guys are already getting paid.

Hopes are high on the Minnesota side!

White Sox scoring in the first inning again, in this economy?

It does seem to be a pattern.

Luis is not alone. #whitesoxdefense

My blood pressure is well aware of this stat.

Can’t keep loading the bases in the first and getting away with it.

I mean, if it keeps working ...

Kopech’s velocity since that knee scare has been notable.

Everything is fine.


Either way, life is short and inconsequential, eat Arby’s.

No chance for the Luis Robert “Flu Game.”

Could be why he struggles to throw the football in night games.

Don’t touch the red wire!

I can’t go to work today.

Gonna take a few weeks to get the smell of the ballpark off.

Well, this is the 2022 White Sox we’re talking about.

Smoky Burgess fun fact: he was traded from Cincinnati to Philadelphia, and then back again four years later for the same player, both times. (Andy Seminick).

Just the way Tony drew it up.

He is legend.

Ball go far. Team go far.

Again, for the people in the back. Ball go far, team go far.

Like Urkel.

TA just needs to catch it and not have to throw it, apparently

Game. Blouses.

You hate to see it