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2022 White Sox MLB Draft-thread

The White Sox are up tonight, at No. 26 and 62!

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Welcome to the 20-round MLB draft. Coverage begins at 6 p.m. Central, as the Orioles made their first pick of the draft, shortstop Jackson Holliday (son of Matt) and the Diamondback selected former White Sox Andruw Jones’ son, outfielder Druw.

The White Sox are selecting at No. 26 and 62 tonight. Tomorrow at 1 p.m. CT will see eight more Sox picks (3-10), and on Tuesday the draft will wind up, with 10 picks (11-20), beginning at 1 p.m. CT. Coverage on Monday and Tuesday will be at

Here are the slot amounts for the first 10 White Sox picks:

Round 1 (No. 26) $2,789,400
Round 2 (No. 62) $1,159,200
Round 3 (No. 101) $606,600
Round 4 (No. 131) $452,900
Round 5 (No. 161) $337,600
Round 6 (No. 191) $261,800
Round 7 (No. 221) $205,800
Round 8 (No. 251) $171,800
Round 9 (No. 281) $157,800
Round 10 (No. 311) $149,600

Players selected in rounds No. 11-20 can be signed for a maximum of $125,000 without touching the bonus pool.

The White Sox have the third-smallest overall bonus pool, second to just the Dodgers and Giants, at $6,292,500.

We’ll have coverage of every pick, wall-to-wall tonight through Tuesday, so keep on checking back in!