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White Sox select 2B Mario Camilletti in the eighth round (No. 251 overall)

An on-base machine with a face that South Side fans will love.

Mario Camilletti, living on base.
Central Michigan
Adrian Serrano Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. Unfortunate Memeing @SoxTwitt3r, unfortunate Rocking at:

With pick No. 251 n the 2022 MLB draft, the White Sox snagged 2B Mario Camilletti out of Central Michigan.

A high OBP player with great plate discipline, Mario Camilletti has amassed a very impressive 207 walks over five college seasons.

Camilletti was a first team All-Region and All-American selection back in 2020, carried mostly on the back of an absurd .502 OBP and a walk rate that was double that of his strikeout rate (22% vs 11%) for Central Michigan.

His small frame doesn’t project much for power, but with a god-given gift to get on base, Camilletti is an interesting prospect coming into the White Sox system. Add in some plus baserunning and manageable defense in his career, and there are more than a few things to make Camilletti and intriguing name to watch rise up through the Sox system.

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2022 Chicago White Sox Draft Picks

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Sixth Round (No. 191 overall): Eric Adler, RHRP (ranked No. 242 on MLB Pipeline)
Seventh Round (No. 221 overall): Mark McLaughlin, RHRP
Eighth Round (No. 251 overall): Mario Camilletti, 2B