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Bird App Recap: Bad defense HELPS the Sox?

The ball bounces the right ways in a cliffhanger ninth

Lance Lynn is good.
Adrian Serrano Chicago Native. Five-tool Player. Music. Sports, Pizza, Sleep, Repeat. Still waiting for Brian Anderson to start hitting. Unfortunate Memeing @SoxTwitt3r, unfortunate Rocking at:

But did you see his at-bats?

Can it be that easy?

South Side Sox and SB Nation do not condone animal abuse of any kind.

Seems unlikely, but this is the 2022 White Sox we’re talking about

Lance gets out of it with no runs, but certainly not without any casualties.

Gonna have to take your word for it, but I am inclined to agree.

Wait, are you allowed to score with the bases loaded?


Disgusting, indeed.

The Sox have had a mysterious amount of injuries ...

I will not be accepting any questions at this time.

Never. Any. Doubt.

Counterpoint, Tony has got ‘em right where he wants ’em.

Hard to argue.

Just gonna leave this here.

Not sure which is sexier, the outing, or the man.

Scoring runs is hard.

Sox? Giants? Both? Just one of those nights.

Poor Canadians picked a terrible matchup if they were looking to see home runs.

Certainly will help the Sox chances, but let’s see if we can require one from each league to be from Chicago, just to be safe?

Pinch-running specialist, Burger “the Jet” Rodriguez.

Even Tony seemed surprised Tanner Banks actually pulled that off.

Never. A. Doubt.

On the other hand:

When the chips are down, leave it up to Rick Hahn’s acquisitions to get it done.

Let’s do it again tomorrow.