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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e17: All-Star Break breaks

Looking back, looking forward, looking askance

It’s time for SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and current next room (while he’s in Chicago for rehearsals of his new play) correspondent, Will, to gaze into ye olde crystal ball for the second half of the White Sox season. Unfortunately, a look at the first half is required first.

Even more unfortunately, Leigh decided to be a meanie and look at White Sox defense. Sure, we all know they are the worst in the American League at catching and throwing and such things, but did you know that almost half the team that may be on the field at any given moment scores out as individually worse than perhaps the biggest defensive laughingstock of our era, Manny Ramirez?

Alas, it is so. We provide some numbing numbers.

Which brings us to the point of asking why the hell Adam Engel, who is terrific defensively, doesn’t play instead of people who not only have stone hands and arms but don’t hit any better than he does. It is a mystery. Or would be if the White Sox weren’t managed by the HOFBP.

Speaking of playing more, did you know only one White Sox player — José Abreu, of course — has played in more than 74 games of the first 92? Guess we can’t make professional athletes work too hard.

As for looking forward, Leigh and Will agree the addition of a starting pitcher is a must, and cite The Athletic’s suggestion of Kyle Freeland or Madison Bumgarner as White Sox fits and excellent options to pursue. Then they mention a third, more obtainable option. Hint: His last name starts with Q.

As for the season outcome, they mention the future gazing of ZIPS, PECOTA, ESPN, 538 and South Side Sox ... but what do they then predict?

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