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Gamethread: Guardians at White Sox (nightcap)

Konnor Pilkington isn’t good, is he? Oh no, he’s about to be, isn’t he?

MLB: Game One-Cleveland Guardians at Chicago White Sox
AJ Pollock in center field, outfield defense gonna be tight tonight.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

Happy double Saturday, White Sox fans, and welcome to your masochistic doubleheader closing game. If you stuck with the game earlier, ouch. Maybe the several-hours break won’t have a negative effect on the White Sox offense. Maybe Lance Lynn needed those few warm-up games fresh off the IL, and he’ll be lights-out tonight. Maybe the Guardians will start getting bad, like I lied to myself about earlier this season.

The pain hurts.

Lance Lynn, please come back to us this evening. Here are your lineups:

McGuire is behind the plate, and Yaz stays in as DH. At this point, I’d rather see Seby Zavala, but we can’t always get what we want.

Konnor Pilkington has one of the worst names in baseball, but his ERA (4.24) is better than Lynn’s, which is almost double that.

Maybe have an extra drink today, and practice some deep breathing. And as always, have fun with the annoyingly biased play-by-play announcers.