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Bird App Recap: White Sox 2, Rockies 1

One down, 18 to go in the soft stretch taking us deep into August

Chrystal O'Keefe is an Indiana native who balances her time between Indianapolis and Chicago. She enjoys being a mother, wife and author. In her down time she enjoys petting every dog she sees, getting tattoos, baking and advocating for causes she believes in. But most of all, she enjoys tweeting during baseball and hockey to calm her nerves. You can follow her nonsense here: @chrystal_ok.

The White Sox had a much-needed day off and made it to Colorado to take on the Rockies. The air is thin, the altitude is high, and hopefully, the White Sox can adjust before they move on to the next city.

Here is how Tony La Russa put the lineup together for tonight’s game.

Some fans made the trip to see the White Sox — and perhaps get some autographs, too.

As usual, the Sox aren’t starting off hot.

Michael Kopech isn’t off to a great start, especially with keeping his walks down. In 1 13 innings, he’s walked three.

Crisis thankfully avoided, after a bases-loaded, one-out inning. But barely.

A very loud “let's go White Sox” cheer erupted during AJ Pollock’s at-bat. There were two on and just one out.

AJ Pollock knocks Eloy Jiménez in after a fumble by the Rockies. Leury García loads up the bases with a single. Still one out, 1-0 Good Guys.

We all know how this ends, though. Adam Engel struck out, and Tim Anderson grounded out. Three are left on base. A lot of glass is half-full and glass is half-empty on Twitter.

We’re in the bottom of the fifth now and the White Sox only have one run, still.

Thankfully, the White Sox infield finding opportunities to record double plays are aplenty.

I hope they can keep it up, if Steve Stone is correct.

Jimmy Lambert, thankfully, took over for Michael Kopech, but the Sox kept the double plays coming.

Yasmani Grandal started 3-for-3, and Yoán Moncada knocked in Engel to put the White Sox up, 2-0. That haters are too stunned to speak.

Joe Kelly isn’t doing great, and I don’t want to talk about it right now, so I’m going to give everyone a wholesome break.

This next tweet is best summed up by a screenshot of my timeline.

One could say the White Sox are having a great defensive night.

Here is Herb, with some fun trivia.

Welcome to the eighth inning.

He added on during the commercial break.

Old friend alert!!!

Some good news, as Liam Hendriks attempts to shut out the Rockies:

I’d prefer a drama-less ninth but alas, Hendriks gives up a run.

After a lot of Hendriks drama, the Sox are back above .500.