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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e18 — Rocky Mountain Low

But 17 more in a row against terrible teams, right?

Was Leury García getting picked off third by the catcher on ball four of a walk the quintessential White Sox play of the year? Quite possibly, but SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and currently next room correspondent, Will, heartily agree that it was at the very least symbolic of the way the team plays under the HOFBP.

Two games into a 19-game stretch against terrible teams the record is 1-1, creating agreement the White Sox better go at least 12-5 the rest of the way or call it a year and maybe ask if they can go down to Triple-A next season, especially since the terrible teams will be even worse once they dump players at the trade deadline (or earlier, as with Kansas City sending Andrew Benintendi to the Yankees).

Do the two trust Rick Hahn or his real boss, the HOFBP, to actually accomplish anything at the deadline? Of course not, even though the latest recurrence of Joe Kelly’s bicep injury — yet another indication signing Kelly was incredibly stupid — shows a strong need for relievers, and the continuing struggles of Lucas Giolito and Lance Lynn show a strong need for a starter. In fairness, the expected failure is in significant part because the Sox have so little to trade that any rebuilding team would want, but that doesn’t make accomplishing something impossible, just difficult.

There is some ranting about the incredible inefficiency of White Sox pitchers who consistently need as many pitches to get through five innings as opposing starters need to get through seven. Amazingly, no bad language is used.

The biggest ranting, though, is about the total failure of the White Sox from office or the HOFBP to be up front and communicative about injuries, especially the “lightheadedness and blurred vision” of Luis Robert, which could be anything from a flu side effect to a very serious health problem.

And as for the lack of real hustle and playing through minor injuries that permeate the White Sox lineup (except José and Josh), well, that was a rant where it was very hard to keep the language clean. (Including a reference to superstar Kris Bryant playing with plantar fasciitis, which is very painful, while several Sox have to sit out with tired legs).

Despite the temptation, though, they did not go on a lengthy “Fire Tony” chant. Just a fairly short one.

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