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Gamethread: A’s at White Sox

OK, now we really mean it: The South Siders gotta start winning series

On Saturday, the White Sox honor Minnie Miñoso on his long-overdue ascendance into the Hall of Fame.
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We said quite awhile back, four-six weeks — or, probably, I have a lot of cold takes, probably me — the White Sox were in a position to have to win every series (two of three, three of four) to ensure the postseason.

Well, the division really does suck (Minnesota’s current first-place pace would equate to an 85-win division title), so a month ago measures didn’t have to be so extreme. But really, at this point, the White Sox have to win every series. And you’d think that would start with Oakland, at home.

But then:

So, as many have already joked, the easy part of the White Sox schedule starts AFTER they get through the AL-worst, MLB second-worst, 39-63 Oakland A’s.

So, winning this weekend is a must. Sure, the White Sox are worse than .500 pushing AUGUST and remain just three games out, but winning this weekend is a must.

While most of the roster is protecting their legs or failing to take extra corner outfield reps, here’s what Pito spent his time doing pregame:

And hey, burying the lede, but it’s Minnie Miñoso Day at the ballpark, which explains the early start time.


Pitchers are everyone’s favorite White Sox quality start-er, Johnny Cueto, and A’s All-Star Paul Blackburn. Lord help Shimmy-Johnny given the Sheets-Pollock-Vaughn outfield behind him. Tim Anderson has yet to be iced by the league after his mild (but let’s face it, doesn’t have to be contact at all to get multiple offender TA suspended), so he leads off. Get your shots in while you can, Tim!

Ballgame starts at 6:15 p.m. CT, on NBC Sports Chicago and ESPN 1000 radio. Not sure who’s writing our recap today. Maybe it’ll be me.