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Bird App Recap: Tigers 2, White Sox 1

Oh, for the love of —

The Chicago White Sox suffered a lifeless, 2-1 loss to the Detroit Tigers tonight, and fans had much to say about it.

Before we begin, I guess you should all go and vote for Tim Anderson. If for no other reason, the more All-Stars the team has, the more inept the organization will look, and I want them to feel pain.

Dylan Cease looked good, at least.

But the anemic White Sox offense made Tigers starting pitcher Beau Brieske look a lot better.

Forgive us, Steve, if we’re a bit leery.

Brieske held the White Sox hitless into the sixth inning. Fans tried their best to jinx him.

Which worked, actually.

And then, with Harrison on first, manager Tony La Russa did what any good manager would do with one out and down by a run. He called for the bunt.

Wait, what?! Oh, for the love of —

Seriously, the gap was palpable.

And it didn’t stop there. With runners on, La Russa opted to use his and Celeste Spaghett1’s favorite player, Leury García, leaving Seby Zavala’s .882 OPS on the bench.

It was crazy — and fans went crazy.

The White Sox tried to rally in the ninth, but after they were able to claw their way to within one run, José Abreu stuck out swinging at a pitch that was about six miles outside.

After Eloy Jiménez grounded out to close out the game, fans were deflated.

In closing, we have one simple request: