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Bird App Recap: Tigers 7, White Sox 5

Ennui, is that you?

Chrystal O'Keefe is an Indiana native who balances her time between Indianapolis and Chicago. She enjoys being a mother, wife and author. In her down time she enjoys petting every dog she sees, getting tattoos, baking and advocating for causes she believes in. But most of all, she enjoys tweeting during baseball and hockey to calm her nerves. You can follow her nonsense here: @chrystal_ok.

The White Sox are back for the second of a four-game series against the Tigers. Last night’s loss was embarrassing for sure, so let’s see what they do tonight.

Here is the lineup, for those who still care.

A HUGE congrats to Tim Anderson on being named an All-Star starter this year!

Lucas is off to a great start, with three strikeouts in 12 pitches. Eleven of those pitches were strikes.

Tim Anderson singles in the first and is brought home after one beautiful Luis Robert swing.

José Abreu keeps his hit streak alive with a double.

I think a lot of fans are old-fashioned.

Josh Harrison is heating up, with a double for his birthday.

The White Sox are doing great so far.

Just wait until the fifth inning, friends.

A walk and a home run later, the Tigers have tied the game, 2-2.

Always trust your gut with this team.

We’re honestly trying.

Not great.

Lucas started struggling in the seventh, but was left in to face Jeimer Candelario. The Tigers are now up, 3-2.

Who said you can’t start a chant on Twitter?

Joe Kelly came in, and allowed a base hit that drove in another run. It’s now 4-2, top of the order for the Tigers, and two outs.

Joe Kelly is not doing great ... it’s 6-2, Tigers.

It’s all bad, friends.

After another dumb error, it’s 7-2. Jason and Steve can’t even find good things to say anymore, so why not add Ryan’s thoughts, too.

Bad fundamental baseball.

Twitter is especially bleak tonight.

With what could have been two runs, Joe McEwing finds a way to prevent that. The Sox score one run, at least.

Spencer Torkelson loses sight of a hard-hit ball and allows Gavin Sheets to get to first and another run to come in.

Seby Zavala gets his first hit of the night, and it happens to be an RBI single. The Sox slowly chip away, making it 7-5.

Andrew Vaughn comes in to pinch-hit for Leury García.

It does not go well.

Tim Anderson has had an interesting night, at least.

Two on, one out, Luis Robert up.

That didn’t work, so let’s try it again.

And that’s a no-go. Tigers win, 7-5.