There is something interesting going on with this 2022 version of the White Sox season.

We know about the great hitting potential.

We know about the questionable defense and baserunning.

We know about the inconsistent pitching.

We know about the sometime lackluster play.

We know about some of the bizarre decisions coming from The Hall of Famer.

But there is something else going on. With Sox fans. There is something about Sox fans this year.

Sox fans want to believe in this team. They are almost trying to will the Sox to victory all on their own.

Sox just played against a team with a terrible record and the White Sox stuck as a .500 team... and still...

30,000 fans filled the park. Sox Nation’s feelings rose high with every hint of a positive Sox play.

Sox fans simply want to believe in this team and season. Young and old. Everybody.

Maybe Sox fans believe more in this team than some of the players do. But that’s OK... for now.

This is a very winnable division and the Sox haven’t come close to playing their best baseball this season.

Maybe Sox fans are on to something. Maybe Sox fans can feel something good coming on.

Do it, Sox. Don’t make liars out of Sox fans. Prove that Sox fans are feeling something GOOD on the way.

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