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Bird App Recap: Royals 2, White Sox 1

This .500 bullshit is getting so old

Michael Kopech and the White Sox kick off another home series vs. a division rival, looking to keep chipping away at the division lead and working their way back into playoff contention.

As the trade deadline approaches, Rick Hahn traded Reese McGuire to the Red Sox in exchange for veteran lefty Jake Diekman. We know Hahn loves his veterans.

Many of us can agree with Herb.

We’ve all been there, Red Sox fans.

Don’t worry though, Rick had a seat at the table for Ohtani!

Kopech had some zip to the ball tonight, and with the help of Yoán Moncada retired the first three Royals batters in order.

Tony looking more alive than ever in the dugout this evening.

The White Sox offense remains dead outside of a few singles from Vaughn, Anderson, and Moncada. Though they will probably single themselves to death at some point.

Like they are really bad, folks.

Salvy hit a 452-foot moonshot in the fourth, one of the three hits Kopech had given up at that point. Not that this will matter, if the Sox can’t back up their pitcher.

(Narrator): “They did not give him run support.”

Andrew Vaughn kicked off sixth with a double to center, let’s (hopefully) get some runs!??? Please?

Groundbreaking, but necessary advice:

Kopech IS still looking mighty fine in the seventh. IF ONLY HIS TEAM COULD SCORE SOME RUNS, RIGHT!?

The math isn’t adding up.

Leury García started a seventh inning rally with a swinging bunt, but the South Siders fell short as Andrew Vaughn grounded out on a great defensive play by Whit Merrifield.

José Ruiz for the eighth, because Tony.

Gavin Bonds to save the day again? Not quite — but anything will help at this point.

Jimmy Lambert in the ninth, however? Money.

White Sox offense gave some brief hope in the ninth with a Sheets single, but in they end they remained trash and ended on a TA double play. We’ve had enough. Time for Frank to go.

Not to mention Tony quite literally sleeping in the dugout tonight.

We’re .500 again — and back again tomorrow, or whatever.