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Sharing Sox Podcast s22e20 — Longtalk about shortstops

Could Andrelton Simmons save the day?

The White Sox continue to be mired in mediocrity as they struggle with a part of the schedule a good Triple-A team could cruise through, but SSS duty geezer Leigh Allan and his son and current next-room correspondent, Will, dive into the biggest and worst news of the week: The injury to Tim Anderson that will keep the All-Star shortstop off of the field for most, and possibly all, of the 2022 season.

Leigh has an answer: Andrelton Simmons. The multiple-Gold Glove winner is a free agent after being released by the Cubs this week, and the White Sox could sure use some defensive help. True, Simmons can’t hit a lick any more. Also true, his OBP is higher than Leury García’s and his K/BB ratio is less than two to one, so at least he puts the ball in play.

Of course, no podcast would be complete without moaning about how poorly the White Sox hit, pitch and field, whilst giving thanks for being in a division where a horrible 82 wins might just win it. Even the professional prognosticators see no more than 85 wins for any of the three contenders, and one even has the White Sox as reaching that illustrious number.

Meanwhile, as of the recording, five games were still left in the 19-game trek versus terrible teams, with the Sox 8-6 in it so far.

Still, Will sees an incredibly uplifting Disney movie about the White Sox as they overcome adversity and a lout of a manager to win it all through friendship and love and all that really good tear-jerker sports movie stuff.

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