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Bird App Recap: Royals 5, White Sox 3

Baseball is slowly destroying my life. Eat Arby’s.


The White Sox news cycle was a little hectic today ahead of facing the Royals. Some news was as good as it can be, given the unfortunate circumstances.

And some other news that is not so great. It certainly makes the clubhouse look like a joke.

We have, well, a lineup.

We also have some thoughts about leadership to start the game off.

Or former Illinois residents.

As we get through a few innings, the fans really start to crack.

Seriously. It’s 1-0, Royals.

I’m sensing a trend on the Bird App today.

Dylan Cease has the heat this afternoon, but the already sad offense is not there.

The White Sox have runners at the corners and one out.

Daryl provided a lovely summary.

It really didn’t change after the Royals pulled Zack Greinke.

Joe Kelly comes in, briefly.

Sam with some devastating truths.

An update on Joe Kelly:

Yasmani Grandal looks to save the day during the bottom of the eighth. It’s now 4-2, Royals.

The White Sox looked like they might just do something with the bases loaded.


Andrew Vaughn starts the ninth off with a homer, making it 5-3, Royals.

Alas, the one run didn’t help and the White Sox were unable to score.

You’ve got to run, Abreu.

At least we have Dylan Cease, I guess.