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Bird App Recap: Kaskade Night

Kopech was kinda good, but Reynaldo gets the win

Oakland Athletics v Chicago White Sox
Kaskade threw eight scoreless innings tonight, leading the White Sox to a much-needed win.
Ron Vesely/Getty Images

Alright, let’s get this game out of the way so we can get to Kaskade!

Yeah, they lost three of four to Kansas City, but the White Sox won something ...

No complaints. Get this game moving and get to what the people want: Kaskade

Definitely a bit of a chicken-and-egg situation.

[Insert Yasmani Moneyball Meme]

Call now!

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was.

Yoán strikes out with two on, but Cheesy Beef is still the worst.

I think I have seen this episode before.

American League solidarity tweet.

In other news:

The battle of inept offenses continues: 0-0 though five innings.

Meanwhile, Michael Kopech out here making us feel things.

Luis hurt again? Wasting a no-hitter?

Kopech pulled at 85 pitches with a no-hitter going and we have BREAKING NEWS:


Combined no-hitter dies, but like a phoenix, a rallying cry rises from the crowd.

Never a dull moment.

The 2022 White Sox: At Least It’s Not Broken

Even the scoreboard can’t stay healthy with this team!

Andrew Vaughn does the impossible: a hit with the bases loaded

Did we mention that there is a Kaskade concert after the game?

Who needs insurance runs when you have Kaskade ... 2-0 Sox into the ninth.

Sox win, yeah yeah. We want Kaskade!

Full disclosure: I have no Idea who Kaskade is? Is he any good?