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Gamethread: Tigers at White Sox

If it wasn’t for disappointment, these teams wouldn’t have any appointments

Detroit Tigers v Chicago White Sox
Javy Baéz successfully swings at a ball within one foot of his bat — is there a stat for that?
Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images

Our system has been down much of the day, so hey, quickie gamethread it is.

In honor of our Adrian Serrano being in attendance tonight, Tony La Russa runs Leury García out into the starting lineup:

No, wait, who are we kidding, Leury plays every game. Anyhow, typical Sox lineup at this point, given no healthy bodies.

Detroit’s death march to 100 losses continues tonight, and here’s how this slop team will run it out:

There was some nonsense circulating earlier today with Tigs manager, Mr. I’ll-break-TVs-instead-of-stop-cheating AJ Hinch bellowing something about how much Javy Báez likes getting booed (as he does at Sox Park), he plays better, etc. And sure, his numbers at our park are very strong (presumably, he’s been booed from the jump, wearing those Cubbies PJs).

But, c’mon. Dude is as overhyped as they come. He’s been a 1.0 WAR player for Detroit, meaning he’s been paid $15.5 million per WAR this year — more than 3x the going rate. Yeah, that’s some Rick Hahn signing right there, Rock City. Anyway, enjoy the rest of that $125 million you owe Báez. I’m sure he’ll pull a “no-look” tag out of hiney once a month to keep you buzzed.

We’re on an hour early tonight, fireworks or whatever. So it’s a 6:10 p.m. CT start, on at NBCSCH and ESPN 1000.

Hannah LaMotta is hoping to pick up an easy win with some emergency recapping tonight. We’ll see how that goes for her.