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Bird App Recap: White Sox 4, Astros 2

Chisox, so hot right now.


How are you feeling, White Sox fans? A quick sweep against the Tigers gave me some serotonin, but I was quickly reminded that the Astros would be in town. Let’s see what Tony La Russa’s master plan is for tonight.

This game has not started off well.

It’s fine. In Johnny Cueto we trust. What could possibly go wrong?


Happy for all of you that get to log off in a little bit. Please don’t post any spoilers!

AJ Pollock is back, y’all. We love a lead-off single.

Nothing happened after that? That’s the White Sox way!

Same, Mel. Big same.

Cueto keeps the Astros from scoring with a seven-pitch inning. So, your turn offense.

Name a better White Sox duo. I’ll wait. It’s 2-0, Astros as we head to the fifth.

We have a bases-loaded situation with two outs for Alex Bregman.

C’mon, guys. Cueto escapes a jam, do something.

Just a little update: Johnny Cueto is good. The rest of the team, not so much.

We’re heading into the bottom of the eighth, the White Sox are still scoreless but at least we have this beast.

Let’s see if the White Sox do anything at all!

We’ve got two on and two outs again.


Abreu is intentionally walked with two outs. Grandal gets the walk. Moncada knocks two in.

Many people are saying this.

Liam Hendriks is in for the ninth.

Oh no.

Just kidding! Gavin Sheets caught that ball! And the White Sox have won another game!