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Bird App Recap: 2022 White Sox Legacy Game

Vibes are bad

2022 White Sox stuff
Lowered expectations.

Please, White Sox?

Big games call for big lineup decisions?

When in Cleveland ...

And now, we enter unfamiliar territory:

That’s his name, don’t wear it out, and it’s 2-0.

This one is not as catchy. Maybe let’s workshop this one?

This is the best White Sox Theories I have ever seen.

Let’s hope this is the worst of it tonight.

Welcome to the team, Elvis!

That third out proving tricky for Lance. No damage so far, except his pitch count.

When you have a pizza this beautiful, you already won.

An oldie, but a goodie.

Menechino magic!

Certainly a sentiment that will age perfectly well.

Posted without comment.

Man on third, no outs. They did not.

Oh, hello.

Said in unison by the fan base at-large: Sox, 2-1.

Cleveland happened.

At least Joe Resis’ world has regained order.

I think I have heard this song before.

Baseball team vs. Baseball-Adjacent team: 5-3, Cleveland.

I think we can no consider this a signature Tony decision.

Sounds like someone is not enjoying the ride.

Big games, big decision.

Presser just became Too Hot for TV.

Vaughn’s face and Eloy’s body are the latest victims of existing as a White Sox.

It us:

I would also like to see this.

The people have spoken!

Well, what else can you say about the 2022 White Sox? So I leave you with this.